Mezza Galera – (ebook)

“Mezza Galera” is the title of the 2016 edition of ArteLiberaTutti, the now consolidated Montefiascone summer appointment with contemporary art. An artistic resilience, which only later would become an exhibition, the one proposed this year, which saw the 13 participating artists share in a reclusive regime for 7 days, each in isolation 21 hours a day in a 3 x 2 m cell, closed off from the outside, without telephones or internet connection devices, with the task of creating a room-work that contained, together with any artistic artifacts produced (in the form of writing, painting, sculpture, installation, performative actions or other but it was not mandatory to do anything) including everything that was used to the needs of the stay (among the nodes to be dissolved indicated by the game device, there was the question of the dual nature of some of the objects introduced into the prison space, “functional” but at the time same “representative”).

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Data di pubblicazione 2020
Lingua inglese
ISBN 9788832103618
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